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  Why I Volunteer
In their own words: volunteers past and present speak openly on the rewards of helping VoicePrint

"You just know that whatever you can contribute to VoicePrint is worthwhile, recognized and appreciated"
    -Earl Barnsley

"Having even a small part in accomplishing the work that VoicePrint does makes volunteering so worthwhile"
    -Don Logan

"I can’t think of a more satisfying way to spend a couple of hours each week than volunteering at VoicePrint"
    -Rita Gelb

"Reading at VoicePrint gives me a chance to help other people and give a little bit back to the community"
    -Gaynea Brawn

"By volunteering at VoicePrint, I’m giving others the chance to learn. That’s the kind of work that never really finishes"
    -John Stackhouse

"I’m thankful that VoicePrint exists and has given volunteers this wonderful opportunity to be of service to thousands of listeners"
    -Henry Bloom



Loyal Listener Jennifer McLaren, Igloolik, Nunavut.

It is not a visual impairment that prevents me from reading the newspapers, but a geographical problem. We rely on television and Internet for our news. Oh how I miss reading the paper! So I'm thrilled to find I can still 'read' the papers even up here! Thank you so much.


Pacific Regional Report
Stay abreast of the important news stories that take place in -- and affect -- the Pacific region, all part of VoicePrint's commitment to bringing local and provincial news and commentary to a national audience.

ANNOUNCING… The “Friends Of Charles MacColl Memorial Fund” For NBRS. Making Media Accessible In Mississauga. Click here for Donation Details.

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