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  Volunteer Awards
Volunteers are the heart of VoicePrint. This annual recognition event is just one way we give a heartfelt thanks to our talented and dedicated volunteers

Actors have the Oscars. Writers and scientists have the Nobel Prize. And VoicePrint has the Volunteer-of-the-Year Awards.
     "It's not a contest, but an opportunity for VoicePrint volunteers, staff and listeners to celebrate and recognize the good work of our entire corps of 800+ volunteer readers,"  says Arlene Patterson, Director, VoicePrint Operations.
     "Each of our five regions selects a reader to represent his or her part of the country at our springtime Annual General Meeting, where we announce who has been chosen as our national representative -- the symbol for all the great efforts of our dedicated volunteers. It's a celebration of their collective good work and a chance for anyone and everyone to learn a little bit more about the people who make VoicePrint the burgeoning enterprise that it is."


Please find below a summary of our 2007 Volunteer-of-the-Year Awards and profiles of and readings by this year's representatives:


Don Logan, Toronto, ON - Toronto/National Office

Listen to Don read

Don Logan, Toronto, ON - Toronto/National Office

What his nominator says:Don, a TLC member, became a VoicePrint volunteer in 1995. He is an experienced broadcaster whose continued enthusiasm is infectious. Don makes himself available for emergency “must-read-now” programs and has often shared ideas on improving the service. He’s even filled in when a technician was not readily available.”

James Clarkson, Ottawa, ON - Central Region

Listen to James read  

James Clarkson, Ottawa, ON - Central Region

What his nominator says:James has been volunteering at VoicePrint at Ottawa since 1994, which makes him the most veteran reader in the office. During his long tenure with VoicePrint he has always been looked upon as one of most dedicated and talented volunteers.

     For a time, James not only served as a volunteer, but also as bureau chief of the Ottawa office. As a regular reader of Hot off the Hill, VoicePrint’s national program covering federal politics and affairs, James is conscientious about the quality of his recordings, and possesses a genuine talent at the microphone.”

Gord Hubley, Vancouver, BC - Pacific Region

Listen to Gord read  

Gord Hubley, Vancouver, BC - Pacific Region

What his nominator says: "Gord exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding volunteer with more then 11 years dedicated to reading news for the blind and print-restricted community. 

     He has contributed further to our organization by serving as a local board member for the VoicePrint Society of British Columbia in the role of Secretary. He is committed, professional and ready to step in to cover fellow readers programs when they’re not available. 

     His good nature, friendly demeanor brings a positive approach to each session and both staff and volunteers are inspired by his continued dedication to volunteerism, giving back to his community in his retirement years.”

Krista Cook, Halifax, NS - Atlantic Region

Listen to Krista read  

Krista Cook, Halifax, NS - Atlantic Region

What her nominator says: "Krista has been a reader for VoicePrint since the inception of the Halifax office in 2004. Prior to this she was told time and time again that her voice was distinctive and unique. 

     "I wanted to see if I had the voice people said I had and the ability to use it," she says of her decision to audition at the Halifax office. 

     The mother of two was named CTV’s Maritimer of the Week last July 14, 2006 for her dedication as a volunteer to VoicePrint.  She has worked diligently in raising the awareness of VoicePrint and makes it her mission to do so. 

     Krista also discovered that a growing number of others wanted to hire her voice. Krista has voiced radio commercials, television ads and the stock exchange report on tourist information radio.  

     Krista was approached by 94.7 SeasideFM, a volunteer and community-based radio station, to take on the news, weather and sports plus co-host Monday’s Rolling Home Show with Wayne Harrett.  She continues to look forward to Fridays and VoicePrint’s Atlantic Regional Report, which she co-hosts with radio news legend, Clive Schaefer.

Listen to Ruth read

Ruth Bullivant, Calgary, AB - Mountain/Prairie Region

What her nominator says: "Ruth optimizes the spirit of volunteering in every way. Her dedication to VoicePrint is unsurpassed as she consistently averages over 150 hours per month of reading time. 

     Ruth brings her positive attitude and enthusiastic spirit into the studio and other volunteers naturally gravitate towards her. To say she is an absolute pleasure to have in the studio would be a huge understatement.”




NNA logo

Audio versions of selected 2007 National Newspaper Award-nominated articles are available online for blind and print-restricted persons as part of this year’s VoicePrint Volunteers-of-the-Year awards program.


     It's part of a unique partnership between VoicePrint and the National Newspaper Awards designed to celebrate our dedicated volunteers and the best in newspaper journalism.

     The Volunteers-of-the-Year Awards is an exciting initiative, recognizing and reflecting the heart of VoicePrint – our volunteers. These awards are given to volunteers  whose exemplary work and dedication serve to inspire VoicePrint volunteers and staff alike. 

    This year, as part of our nomination process, volunteers read and recorded an article nominated for the 2007 NNAs. Listen to these featured recordings through this website 

     Our representatives were selected (by independent committees) in each of our five regions:

  • Pacific
  • Prairie/Mountain
  • Central
  • Atlantic
  • Toronto (national office & GTA).  





































Loyal Listener in Courtney, BC.

My husband has a brain injury, and he tunes into VoicePrint at all hours of the day and night. It's a lifeline for him and an excellent service for many people, particularly those who are unable to see or who can't concentrate very well.


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